Refera Revolutions how Patients are Referred and Tracked

It’s a family affair for dental brothers Sam Ahani, DDS, and Rowshan Ahani, DDS, MS. Several family members are also dentists, including (Mrs. Sam Ahani), Dr. Vafi.  She is practicing pediatric dental care with her husband, Sam, at their practice, Shore View Dental in Pacifica, California.

Problems solvers by nature, neither of the brothers is afraid of a challenge, nor will they settle for mediocrity in anything that they do. Dr.  Sam Ahani seeks to make things better in all aspects of his life, including getting a great coffee at Starbucks.  It amuses him that they don’t have a system of recognizing and anticipating repeat customers.  “People should be able to order their routine cup of coffee online and have it waiting for them upon arrival; this would be much better customer service.”

And so it was that Dr. Sam recognized a big problem in the way patients were referred by their dentist to specialists.  “The system is flawed, I don’t know what happened to my patients after they left the office”, he queried.  Why can’t this be easy with the technology we have today, I should be able to quickly track any and all of my patients that I have referred out.”

The decade’s old system of paper referrals was never the best, and with new technology available, it has been proven to be a corrupt system.  The current system of paper and email referral is not HIPAA compliant nor does it ensure that the patient has contacted the specialist.

Dr. Sam and Dr. Rowshan reached out to dental family members and colleagues discovering that all suffered from the same inept system. Each reported some 30 to 40% of patients referred out didn’t make an appointment or show up for the appointment.  Something needed to be done so the brothers designed a software program to revolutionize how patients are referred to specialists and not be lost in the black hole of an insufficient system.

In the era of the COVID 19 pandemic, it is even more important that patients are tracked and mentored during the referral process.  Combining the video chat feature of gives patients a better connection to the providers of their dental care.  They do not “fall through the cracks” of care. 

For more information and all the details of this innovative and timely service, go to today and sign up for the free basic service.

The brothers invite you to join their family in serving patients and improving patient care and communication.

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